There is a recent surge in available oil field jobs in Texas. It is not a secret that the oil industry is home to many profitable businesses. Oil firms’ revenues are continuously driven up by constant local demand for fossil fuels. It is then understandable for oil companies to increase production to meet the rising demands for their products. Increased production activity requires additional manpower in order to meet targets.

State economic data reveals that oil firms employ many workers. Projections show that demand for field workers will also increase based on the national projected consumption of oil and petroleum products. This is good news for people all over the country who are looking for well paying employment opportunities.


In Demand Oil Field Jobs In Texas

The most in demand oil field jobs are those related to extraction. This usually involves manual labor to dig and maintain wells. These jobs usually do not require previous related experience. However, most veteran oil field workers reveal starting from the helper position. The clincher that decides whether one will move up is the ability to learn on the job.

Another in demand oil field job is hauling trucks to transport oil and petroleum products. There are typically two categories, production drivers, who transport chemicals from source to refinery, and long distance haulers who transport the finished products to their designated markets.


Information Source Of Oil Field Jobs In Texas

About Oil Field Jobs In TexasThe internet serves as a primary source of information for available jobs. There are many job portal sites that collate related information about oil field jobs. Browsing through job portals gives users access to thousands of job openings. Each advertisement comes with detailed description of the work to be done, qualifications needed, and compensation offered.

Remember that most job portals require users to register and login. This allows the users to save their resume, submit applications online, and sort additional job information. With proper screening, finding the right job is just a few mouseclicks away.



Salary range for helpers is reported to start at around $100-200 a day or $2,100 a month. Take note that this figure applies to work that do not require related experience. For jobs that require experience, like Crude Truck Haulers, pay range can reach around $4,000-5,000 a month.

The 2010-2011 report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that average hourly pay of oil field gaugers in Texas was $27.44. Working for 10-12 hours, an employee stands to take home about $244-329 a day.

The salary figure for oil field workers is pretty promising. According to the same report site above, the average hourly wage in the country was only $20.90.



About Oil Field Jobs In TexasFuture demand for oil and petroleum products is projected to increase. This is attributed to predicted rise in manufacturing and service industries, both extensively use oil in their operations. In this regard, exploration projects are also predicted to rise. Increased demand for workers in the oil field comes along with this uptrend in production activity. This economic outlook promises more oil field jobs in Texas and a stable industry for workers.