Being engaged in oil field jobs in Texas is no joke. Since employees work in a special field, there are specific qualifications that employers look for in applicants before taking them in to work for them. This fact usually drives away interested individuals. However, it must be noted that acquiring required licenses, certifications, and training will definitely pay off if you land a job in the oil field. Employment statistics show that oil field workers take home above average compensation. Since the primary reason for working is getting paid, it certainly makes sense to invest in skills acquisition prior to embarking on a career in the oil industry.


Available Entry Level Oil Field Jobs In Texas

Even with proper training, people with no direct experience in oil field operations may not easily get hired. It is important to get a foot in the door, so they say. In this regard, trying out as a helper or apprentice is a good idea. This will give you the required on site experience for higher positions. This will also build your employment network as you will be dealing with people who are already in the industry.

An entry level position in the oil industry, that requires no relevant experience, can pay as much as $100 a day. That’s about $2,100 in a month. This is a lucrative endeavor considering that you are acquiring important experience in the process.

It can be safely concluded then, that people claiming to have a job shortage in the country, is either not willing or not able to take available jobs or the person just have no idea where to look for work. The oil field industry is for people who are prepared to endure extended work hours and hard labor.


Skill Requirement Of Oil Field Jobs In Texas

Oil Field Jobs In TexasSkills required vary but the standard is basic knowledge of math and science. This is because most tasks involve some computation and practical application of scientific principles. Helpers are actually technicians in waiting. After having enough experience, they can be promoted from within the company they are working for or look for better employment opportunities from other firms. For vacuum drivers, having a Commercial Driver’s License is necessary. Furthermore, Hazmat License is required if the work involves handling and transportation of dangerous chemicals and waste by-products.



The primary benefit of working in the oil field is good compensation and job stability. Since oil firms are aware of the physical and mental demands of working on site, they make sure to compensate their workers accordingly. Another reason for giving attractive compensation packages is to manage employee turnover. It is only reasonable to want to keep am employee after providing training. Business analysis has proven that keeping an employee is more cost-effective than training new ones.



Oil Field Jobs In TexasThe primary challenge of working in the oil industry is the long hours. This usually gets in the way of family life. A person may also be forced to work away from their family if the oil field is situated far from the employee’s residence.

All jobs offer challenges, it is up to the employee to manage available resources to work his way around the issues. Once thing is certain, oil field jobs in Texas will continue to provide opportunities for those who are willing to take it.